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Nearby Attractions
Botanical Garden - 1 minute walk
Pacdal (St Joseph) Church - 5 minutes' walk
Wright Park - 5 minutes' walk
The Mansion - 8 minutes' walk
Mines View Park - 5 minutes' drive
Camp John Hay (Gate 2) - 3 minutes' drive
Baguio Country Club - 3 minutes' drive

One of the best things about Atenara House is its location which, and we cannot over-emphasize this, is fantastic! We are of walking distance and no more than 5 minutes' drive to the following locations to the east:
Going the opposite way, to the west, are the following destinations:

Teachers Camp - 3 minute walk
Baguio Cathedral - 3 minutes' drive
Session Road - 3 minutes' drive
Baguio Convention Center - 5 minutes' drive

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